Type 1 Narrow

Type 1 sensors are robust, precise and simple.  This set of sensors is also narrow - 10mm wide - which means they can fit in tight spaces.  Standard sensors are available from 25mm to 300mm measuring length.
25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm Type 1 linear sensors
A single CAM204 Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip can operate up to 4 Type 1 sensors, including a mix of linear and rotary.

Type 1 linear sensor alignment with target

  • Simple non-contact target
  • Full absolute sensing
  • Standard 4-layer PCB process
  • Stable across temperature
  • Highly repeatable


  • Up to 5mm Target Gap
  • < ±0.25% Linearity Error at optimum Target Gap
  • Position change < ±0.2mm across -40°C…85°C, ≤ 3.5mm Target Gap
  • < ±0.25mm Position Offset Error
  • Up to ±1mm Y Misalignment
  • Can be installed 2mm from aluminium sheet


  • Motion control
  • Actuator position feedback
  • Precision front panel controls
  • Valve position sensing
  • Industrial potentiometer replacement
  • LVDT replacement

The CTU Development Kit includes the following linear sensors: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm.


Alternatively, assembled sensors may be purchased individually for prototyping purposes.  They may be connected with the 6-way Sensor Connecting Cable part number 013-6001.  Compatibe development boards include the CAM312 Development Board, which operates up to 2 Type 1 sensors (Set Sensor Type to 4).   For applications requiring more than 2 sensors connected to the same CTU chip, use the Type 1 CAM204 Development Board which operates up to 4 Type 1 sensors.


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