Linear Contactless Position Sensors

CambridgeIC's resonant inductive position sensors measure the precise position of a target.  They are built using conventional PCB technology, which is accurate, stable and cost effective. Sensors work with CambridgeIC’s Central Tracking Unit (CTU) family of single chip processors to provide high-quality position data to a host device.

These non-contact inductive linear sensors are available as Sensor Blueprints in Gerber format, to enable integration with a customer’s own PCB. They are also available as assembled sensors for evaluation, customer prototyping and low-volume production.

Type 1 Narrow

Type 1 sensors are robust, precise and simple.  This set of sensors is also narrow - 10mm wide - which means they can fit in tight spaces.  Standard sensors are available from 25mm to 300mm measuring length.
25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm Type 1 linear sensors
A single CAM204 Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip can operate up to 4 Type 1 sensors, including a mix of linear and rotary.

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Type 2 and 6 Narrow

Type 2 and Type 6 sensors offer performance improvements over Type 1 sensors.  They do this with an additional "fine" set of sensor coils.  This fine track delivers high precision and accuracy, while a coarse track delivers an absolute output.  The CTU chip connected to the sensor combines the outputs of both tracks so that the position it reports to the host is always absolute, precise and accurate.

A single CAM204 CTU chip can operate up to two Type 6 sensors, including a mix of linear and rotary.  The CAM204 can operate a single Type 2 sensor.  Type 2 sensors offer greater measuring range than Type 6.

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Type 2 Wide

This range of sensors offers precision and robustness with measuring ranges up to 2m.  A sensor PCB width of 25.4mm allows the sensor to be built on only 2 PCB layers which helps to reduce cost where space is available.  They are used in TURCK's Li Series of industrially housed position sensors.

Please contact CambridgeIC for the status of development kits and samples.

Type 3 Axial

Type 3 sensors measure the linear position of targets whose symmetry axis point along the measuring direction (axially).  The target can rotate freely about this axis without influence on the measurement.  This is particularly useful for Float Level Sensing, since it allows for a cylindrical float which can run freely in a cylindrical chamber.  Axial sensors are generally designed to operate at large gaps, so that they can be placed outside the float chamber.

Please contact CambridgeIC for the status of development kits and samples.

Short Stroke Linear

Short Stroke Linear sensors are built using conventional PCB technology and detect the position of a Standard Target without mechanical or electrical contact.  They are robutst, simple and tolerant of misalignment and large gaps.  Measuring Length is typically up to 6mm, although the target is detected over a much greater (but non-linear) range.


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