Type 6 Rotary Targets

CambridgeIC's Type 6 Rotary Targets are for use with Type 6 Precision Through Hole Sensors.

35mm And 55mm Type 6 Targets Together 


  • Non contact: wireless and wear free
  • Built with...
    • 1-layer PCB for mechanical stability and for SMD components...
    • 20mm Transponder Coils (Part No 012-1704)
    • Tuning capacitor(s) to complete resonant circuit
  • Transponder Coils in a balanced arrangement for immunity to misalignment
  • High resonator Q-factor for large signals and hence high Noise Free Resolution

Targets are available to buy as assembled parts.  Alternatively they may be built by the customer, enabling...

  • The Target PCB shape and mounting features to be customised to the application
  • Manufacture by the customer's existing Contract Manufacturer

The 20mm Transponder Coil, shown below,  is a special part from CambridgeIC designed for building precise and accurate targets.  It is for SMD assembly, and includes alignment pins designed to register with holes in the customer's Target PCB.

20mm Transponder Coil PN 012-1704

Please see Type 6 Precision Through Hole Sensors for more details.


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Standard Target
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Type 6 Rotary Targets
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20mm Transponder Coil
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11mm E-Core Target
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