Type 1 CTU Development Kit

The CAM204 integrated circuit is a Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip designed for sensing the position of parts in machines. The CTU Development Kit enables a user to quickly test and integrate a position measuring system based on the CAM204 chip.

CTU Development Kit hardware

The kit comprises:

  • CAM204 CTU Development Board
  • CTU Adapter for connecting to a PC with a USB port
  • 4 linear sensors (Type 1: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm)
  • 3 rotary sensors (25mm, 36mm and 50mm diameter 360°)
  • Targets (one for each sensor)
  • CabridgeIC CTU Software for reading CTU outputs (Windows XP / Vista)
  • Software tools allowing a customer's own software to communicate with CTU chips

Parts are supplied ready connected and clipped into a supporting tray with sliding holders for targets. This means the CTU Development Kit works inside its box, for getting started quickly.


By registering with CambridgeIC you will have access to development software.

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