CTU Adapter

For demonstration, test and development purposes, it is convenient to communicate with CTU chips using a PC.  The CTU Adapter converts between the SPI interface of CTU chips and the USB interface of a PC.  The Adapter is an SPI master and the CTU is an SPI slave.

CTU Adapter for SPI to USB conversion

  • USB powered
  • Selectable CTU power supply: 2.7V, 3.3V or 3.6V
  • Adapter firmware can be updated in the field
  • Full speed USB operation
  • Interface DLL available for software developers
  • Compact, rugged, metal housing
  • Supplied with USB and SPI cables


  • 100 SPI write/reads per second (typical PC)
  • 1Mbit/s SPI clock rate
  • SPI timings compatible with CTU chips
  • 100mA max power supply output current


  • Connecting CTU chips to a PC for demos and test
  • Developing CTU chip applications
  • PC based measurement systems

A CTU Development Kit is also available, and includes the CTU Adapter together with CTU Development Board, sensors and targets.  This is recommended for getting started.


By registering with CambridgeIC you will have access to development software.

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