Non contact position sensing made easier - even for the most challenging design


CambridgeIC offer a range of linear and rotary position sensing solutions with outstanding performance and simple, low cost integration. Our family of position measuring ICs has been used in a wide range of applications for nearly a decade to bring high performance and low costs even to the most challenging design.


multiaxissensing w550


The chip connects to resonant inductive sensors built from PCBs, which not only improves robustness but also simplifies mechanical design and manufacture; allowing single or multi-axis sensing to be used even in very constricted designs. Using a contactless target on the moving part, both linear and rotary (angular) positions can be measured, cost effectively and with high precision. 

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Founded in 2007, CambridgeIC has developed single chip processors and a set of standard sensor designs and integration tools. These help customers embed resonant inductive sensing inside their products, by drawing on modular and well proven components.


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