Reduce complexity
Drive down costs
Improve performance

Our position sensing technologies help customers simplify product design.

Over 20 Years of
high performance

Designers of electromechanical products strive to reduce mechanical complexity and cost while improving performance.

By turning PCBs into position sensors, CambridgeIC’s technology offers a unique combination of high performance and durability while reducing manufacturing costs and cutting mechanical complexity.

Over the past 20 years we have supported hundreds of designers to integrate our technology into millions of products around the world.

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CambridgeIC’s Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chips are single-chip processors for measuring position without contact using resonan...

Linear Sensors


CambridgeIC's linear sensor designs measure the precise linear position of a target. Sensors are built using conventional PCB technolo...

Rotary Sensors


CambridgeIC's rotary sensor designs measure the precise angle of a target. Sensors are built using conventional PCB technology, so the...

Inductive Target


Targets mark moving parts, so their position can be sensed with resonant inductive technology. They are inductively coupled to a senso...

Tools and Accessories


A selection of development tools available to assist the evaluation and integration of CambridgeIC's resonant inductive position sensi...

Arc Position Sensors


CambridgeIC's arc sensor designs measure the angle of targets moving around an arc. Sensors are built using conventional PCB technolog...

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CambridgeIC's position sensing solutions help customers embed non-contact position encoders into products with minimum effort and cost.


With a unique combination of performance and durability, our solutions are used in millions of products around the world.


All the support you need to work with an innovative approach. Documentation, product data and integration advice from domain experts.


Founded in 2007, CambridgeIC has developed single chip processors and a set of standard sensor designs and integration tools. These help customers embed resonant inductive sensing inside their products, by drawing on modular and well proven components.


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